Civic DJ June Recap

On Saturday, Mike Storm and a crew of 4 guys worked on several of the takeoffs and landings on the medium and advanced lines at the dirt jumps.  In total, they cleaned up 5 jumps and the build session went for 3 1/2 hours.  Kudos to Dash Willis who weedeated the entire DJ park last week as well.

Afterwards, Mike grilled some burgers and they rode for a while after to test the jumps and sample their hard work.  Thanks all!

National Trails Day Recap – Lake Whatcom Park


National Trails Day! Volunteers from the WMBC, WTA and GBRC were motivated to get going on Stewart Mountain.

Well, it was a long time coming, but we finally put tools into the dirt on Stewart Mountain on what will become an up-route for cyclists and bi-directional trail for hikers.

This project started a couple of months ago when Eric, Arlen Bogaards (Washington Trails Association) and Reid Parker scouted and planned the route using some of the pre-existing trails by drastically taking the grade down on other sections.  The goal is to have a 7% overall grade that makes it pleasant for riders to ascend on their bikes.  The trail tread is being cut with a small mini-ex and then volunteers will do the finish work behind the machine.  Trail days will be scheduled up there over the summer!



DNR Update and Board of Natural Resources Speech


Board of Natural Resources_Murrelet_Discussion

Eric went to Olympia to speak in front of the Board of Natural Resources and Commissioner Franz.

Last Tuesday, Eric and Mike McGlenn from Backcountry Horsemen drove down to Olympia to present info. to the Board of Natural Resources about the Baker to Bellingham Recreation Planning process. We also discussed how the Draft Marbled Murrelet Long-Term Conservation strategy could impact recreation in Whatcom County and across the state on DNR lands.   In our speeches, we echoed the concerns from our committee’s letter which you can read here.

The Baker to Bellingham Recreation Planning Committee is still meeting and we’re in the process of determining appropriate locations for the various recreation groups.  We’ll have more information for everyone in the Fall and expect at least 1-2 more public meetings before our plan is finalized.  More to come on that.

Logging on Art’s and Bunny Trails


The Northern end of Bunny and Art’s trail will be harvested beginning on May 24th.

Head’s up, folks!

The Janicki crew is starting to harvest in the area with Bunny and Art’s trails today. Thanks to Devon Pelkie and Russ Lambert’s efforts, Kaya, Hopscotch and the southern end of Bunny are re-opened (but still need work), but we’ll be closing the northern end of these trails today.


Please share with your riding and running friends.

Whatcom Falls Pump Track Build Day

We had our first public build day on the pump track this Sunday.  The weather was incredible and the day was a super family/kid-friendly day.  Thanks to our parents, we had lots of groms out with us as well.  Also, many thanks to Nate Champagne for grabbing lunch and provisions mid-day and Bill Hasenjaeger for help digging and taking photos!

Things that we tackled on Sunday were:

  • Moving bark around the grom track and then adding dirt to the sides.  By softening the edges, we made it a bit safer in case the kids go off track.
  • We cleaned up the area around the dispersion trench.
  • We did a lot of grading and clean-up in-between the tracks.
  • Fully rebuilt the one problem berm on the Expert track.  That is a LOT of fresh dirt in it now, so it will be soft for a bit and see more love this week.  With the sunny weather, this should dry up soon though.
  • Added dirt and extended the satellite berm in the back corner of the Expert loop.  This will allow riders to carry more speed into/out of this section.
  • The middle line of the Intermediate track had several berms that got more berms and packing.

We’ve still got lots to do, so we’ll be keeping folks posted about upcoming build days!

Needless to say, everyone is super excited to ride the pump track and it’s still not officially open right now.  Additionally, we are asking folks who do want to give it a go, please no-knobby tires right now.  Knobby tires will dig into the dirt and ruin everyone’s hard work.   Thanks!!

2016 WMBC Trail Survey Summary


2016 WMBC Trail Survey – A small example of the diverse users of our trail systems

Hi folks,

Over the course of a 12 week period between May and August 2016, the WMBC conducted a survey to learn more about trail users recreating on Galbraith Mountain and elsewhere in Whatcom County.

You can read our entire summary here.

This survey was done entirely online utilizing surveymonkey web-based software.  The survey was sent out to the WMBC’s email list and promoted on the WMBC web site, Facebook, Instagram and  Additionally, it was sent out to the Bellingham trail running community and promoted to BC riders via the North Shore Mountain Bike Association.  In total, 1,026 people completed the survey with 255 of those respondents residing outside of Whatcom County.

After a respondent completed the online survey, a cookie was dropped on their computer to ensure they couldn’t fill it out the survey more than once.  If a respondent tried to access the online survey again, they were redirected to the WMBC’s website (

Respondents were asked about their use of Galbraith Mountain trails, frequency of use, transportation and access points, preferred riding styles, gender, age, duration of visit, family income, mt. biking experience and area of residence.

Tourists:  For any non-Whatcom County residents, we asked about their use of local businesses during their visits to Galbraith Mountain and nearby trails.

Locals:  For residents of Bellingham and Whatcom County, we asked them about the importance of access to trails and how they affect the quality of their lives.  While we did add a couple of new questions, this year’s survey was very similar in content to our 2010 and 2014 Trail Surveys.

Craftsmen in our midst

There are many things that make our little bike community awesome, but one element is the amount of pride our folks take in our trails and the areas we recreate!

Whether that involves taking a huge group of women out on the trails, helping with a massive cleanup on Earth day, majestically shaping berms and jumps or taking a group of kids up to work on the trails or just volunteering at one of our events, our community constantly steps it up and blows us away with their support!

There is a smaller group of twisted individuals who continually drop little nuggets around Galbraith for your (and my) benefit.  As just a small example of their work, take a look at the new railing on the Jack and the Beanstalk bridge that Mark Belles created and he and Devon Pelkie recently installed.  The level of detail is over the top!


Next up is another one of Jimmy Fricker’s famous benches that appeared over the weekend at just the perfect mid-ride location…. the top of the 3 Pigs!

A big thanks to these three for their continual love for putting smiles on people’s faces around the hill!

Rock n Roll Trail Recap – Sponsored by Kulshan Brewing

We had a great crew of 15 folks out on Rock n Roll last  Friday.  The Kulshan crew was led by General Manager, Dave Vitt, who came equipped with all of the supplies necessary to have a fun and productive trail day.  The goal for the day was two-fold – brush the trail (beginning to end) for the season and get a bunch of drainage work done.   Brian, Andrew and Tim ran the weedeaters and the rest of the crew focused on clearing/creating drains and building up trail tread where necessary.

The trail was brushed WAY back which should last us through the summer and drainage work happened about 2/3 of the way through the trail.  Another great day on the trail with the folks at Kulshan brewing!

Unemployment Line – Sponsored by Terrain Gym and Terra-tactile Trailbuilding

As part of their annual “trail vacation” from their real jobs, Andrew Fletcher-Love and John Miller, once again spent over a week up on the mountain giving Unemployment Line a a ton of love and updates.

They concentrated from the bottom of the trail up and made adjustments to several big sections, fixed a perpetual seep at the exit and added dirt to many of the berms and jumps – where necessary.

As always, look before you leap, but the changes are flowing well (despite the soft dirt) and things are intuitive.  Ride it with caution and go check out their latest handiwork!  Huge thanks to Andrew and John for their work and attention to detail (e.g. the revised bench and bike stand area at the viewpoint).

Double Black Diamond Recap – Sponsored by Treelines Northwest


We had about 25 volunteers come out to our Double Black Diamond trail work party on Sunday, May 7th.

Morning clouds gave way to afternoon sun and dirt conditions were perfect with the right amount of moisture for shaping and packing. Holes were filled, existing drains were opened up, and some new drains were added in an effort to get water off the trail. A few hazard trees and logs that were close to the trail were also removed for riders’ safty, which resulted in some tight sections being opened up. Many sections of the trail were given a fresh layer of dirt, which is still soft in many spots.

Adam from Treelines NW had the killer BBQ lunch setup with burgers, hotdogs, chips, and beverages for the hard-working volunteers (who all left with a fresh Treelines t-shirt as well!).

The Cleator Road has re-opened, so please take it easy on the fresh dirt.  Ride to help pack it in, not tear it up.