WMBC Youth Trail Corps


WMBC Trail Corps

WMBC Youth Trail Corps (YTC) is a Middle and High School Trail Building and Mountain Bike riding program designed for our youth in the Bellingham area, deep in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.

Our year round program encompasses all aspects of trail designing and building, trail maintenance, safety considerations,  leadership, environmental education, hydrology, problem solving and conflict resolution. With the support of seasoned trail builders, the youth have the opportunity to discuss and execute their ideas onto the trail. There is instant feedback while riding bikes on their terrain designs.

As experience and knowledge develops and is tested against WMBC, IMBA and Whistler trail-building standards, they will earn approval to work on trails and become trail build leaders.

We have an amazing group of trail build leaders from our community that are excited to work with different aspects of work being done, depending on each feature we will be taking on.

Cheech and Chong’s Wild Ride is YTC’s newly adopted trail located on Galbraith Mountain. This iconic trail will be base-camp for the kids to fix, re-design, and focus towards improving an already amazing trail with features to be even better.

Youth Trail Corps projects are also located in 100 Acre Woods. This project has received 3 different grants from Whatcom Community Foundation, New Belgium Brewery and Phillips 66, and we are very grateful for this support.  100 Acre Woods has had controversy due to lack of a master plan, overuse by all user groups and  rogue trails and jumps being built in the recently City acquired park. A proposed bike park located in an old quarry is in the planning phase as a solution for the bike users conflict. The kids have been involved in presenting their bike park ideas to the CCFPD board, removing and replanting some of the old trails, removing invasive blackberries, and designing the bike park.

As soon as the City and CCFPD gives approval, we will begin construction of the new bike park.

This program is designed for committed youth who are interested in attending most of the trail days posted below.

The progressions and information covered on our trail build days have continuity that will build on itself.

We will appreciate some food contributions and organization for the all day trail build days..


We will most likely be breaking into two different groups, one high school aged group and one middle school aged group.

Contact Char Waller, WMBC Education Director @ chardotw@gmail.com for more information. about Youth Trail Corps.

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