2019 Whatcom World Cup

The inaugural season of the Whatcom World Cup is starting on July 10th and we are so stoked! If you can, plan to get off work early and join us.  There are a lot of details below, so please read!

  • Location: Galbraith Mountain
  • Dates: Wednesday nights (6-7 weeks) through August 28th.  The final schedule will be out next week.
  • Time: Registration is from 4:00 – 5:45 PM at the start or finish of each course. Races will start at 6PM sharp.  150 racer cap…first come-first served.
  • Formats: We’ll have several different formats (enduro/ super d/ xc), but the plan is 30 second intervals for enduro and super d style racing. Mass start xc races are, well, mass starts.
  • Costs: $10 per race to cover our insurance and race timing costs – which includes a post-race beverage and burger. $5 one-time fee for timing plate. To keep it simple, just bring $15 cash for your first race and $10 for every race after.
  • WMBC Members: You MUST be a current WMBC member to race (within the past 12 months). Minors (12+) must have a current family membership. If you are unsure, login to our donate page to check your status or donate here: https://wmbcmtb.org/donate/
  • Waivers: All racers will sign a waiver at each event. Minors must have their parents present to sign the waiver IN PERSON. Again, Youth is broken down into 2 categories: 12-14 and 15-17 year olds (male and female).
  • Trails / Race course: Course, formats and sponsors will change week to week. Each course will be announced Tuesday afternoon.
  • Classes: We are keeping this VERY simple and will only have “open” classes for adult female and men. Youth (12+) will be divided into 12-14 and 15-18 (male and female) categories. If you are looking to win Cat 2 30-39, then these definitely aren’t for you! If, on the other hand, you like talking smack with your friends and seeing how you stack up to our local shredders, then please join us!! 😁
  • Timing: Chip timing provided by Marc Blake & Pacific multi-sport.
  • EMS: We’ll have EMS staff positioned at strategic locations along the course.
  • Volunteers: We’ll need roughly 10 volunteers per race (some races more than others) and you will receive our utmost appreciation (+ schwag, food and bevies).
  • Rider Down Rule if a racer comes across a downed racer, he/she is required to stop and see if the down racer is uninjured before continuing on.  If immediate medical aid is needed, call 911 or wait for the next racer to come by.  Then one racer will go to  inform a race official and one racer stays with the down racer.
  • PARKING / ACCESS: We implore you all to consider how you get to these events. If you live close and can ride, then please do so! If you need to drive, then carpool or park at your buddy’s house close to the hill. Do NOT clog up the neighborhoods and, please, be extra courteous to our neighbors!!! I heard someone is building a new parking lot and you can help with that effort too!! 😉. Only volunteers and sponsors will have on-mountain vehicle access for each race.
  • Dogs: You love your dog and we love our dogs, but please leave your dogs at home if you are racing. If you plan to spectate/ heckle (please do!) and want to bring your dog, it 100% needs to be on leash for Fido and racers’ safety! No exceptions.

Current WWC Schedule:

  • July 10th – Sponsor:  WMBC – Course, Mullet to Cheech
  • July 17th – Sponsor:  Transition Bikes 
  • July 24th – Sponsor:  Kona Bikes
  • July 31st – Sponsor, Jack’s Bicycle Center
  • August 7th – Sponsor, Evil Bikes 
  • August 14th – Sponsor, TBD
  • August 21st – Sponsor, Fanatik Bike 
  • August 28th – Sponsor Boundary Bay

Week 1:  Mullet to Cheech and Chong’s Wild Ride

Mullet to Cheech and Chong’s Wild Ride

Mullet to Cheech and Chong’s Wild Ride Results:

2019 Whatcom World Cup Results – Age Categories

2019 Whatcom World Cup Overall Results (week 1)

Week 1 Race image gallery  from Tony Lathrop.

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